Mould Removal

What is mould?

Mould is a Fungus. The ideal conditions for mould are damp, warm conditions without much airflow. Typically, we usually find mould growth in bathrooms and bedrooms where there is high humidity and a lack of ventilation. It’s also very common in properties with a high number of occupants. It should be noted that mould grows well also where there has been a leak or flooding in the past that has not been adequately dried out. In such cases, there are usually visible signs on walls and affected surfaces.

Step 1 – Onsite inspection

The onsite inspection is required to determine the source(s) of the mould problem. Accurate assessment is imperative to ensure accurate treatment and that you are not wasting your time & money on ineffective solutions. Our surveyors are Engineers with 15 plus years experience diagnosing and treating damp problems. Furthermore, they are exposed to all types of damp problems and solutions which enables them to ‘Accurately Diagnose’ allowing you to get rid of this problem once and for all.

 Step 2 – Recommendations

Following the onsite inspection our surveyors make unbiased recommendations which provide you with a plan of action for necessary works, to eliminate mould in the long term. Recommendations vary from building to building and that’s why it is essential to assess each one to identify specific long-term solutions. Our remediation team can complete these works for you should you require.


Mould Removal

Mould Removal Treatment

The Dampdoctor team provide a mould cleaning/ removal service also. Mould should not be there in the first place so we do recommend an onsite inspection before any mould clean to ensure that the mould does not reappear. Dampdoctor use only the best products when removing mould from your home or business.

Step 1 – Mould Removal

This process will eliminate the visible mould infestation and is applied to hard surfaces only, such as walls, ceilings, tiles and concrete.

Step 2 – Fogging

The affected area is fogged which will eliminate the harmful spores. Should you require this process can be used throughout the entire property to eliminate the spores throughout the dwelling, preventing other colonies of mould being able to form in other rooms/areas.

Mould Removal


‘We were experiencing severe damp and mould problems in our bathrooms and bedrooms. We also noticed the children were beginning to suffer from chest infections more and more. After receiving recommendations for the Dampdoctor Team, we decided enough was enough and contacted them. The dampdoctor team called and sorted all our problems in a very professional manner. Shortly after installation of the specified mechanical vents we started noticing the differences both visually and health wise. We also got a mould clean which cleaned the affected areas and killed the existing mould spores in the property. Best money we have ever spent.’

Fergal McDonagh, Kildare.

‘After putting up with a damp smell in our home for way to long, the last straw was to find that our shoes actually turned green and our clothes started to go musty. We then contacted the Dampdoctor team and organised to have an onsite survey. Our surveyor was full of information and explained everything to us in great detail. Having gone with the recommended solutions the damp-musty smell lifted very quickly and we have no more green shoes or musty clothes. I must say that the entire team from Dampdoctor were a truly a pleasure to deal with and highly professional from beginning to end and I would highly recommend them’

Melanie Shore, Dublin.

“We called Damp Doctor as we had significant mold growth on the ceiling of our en suite bathroom. Damp Doctor were extremely knowledgeable and professional to deal with. They provided an excellent service, first installing a new high capacity extractor fan and one week later completely removing the mould from the bathroom. We have no hesitation in recommending Damp Doctor.”

Christian Klinkenberg, Ranelagh, Dublin