At Dampdoctor we are specialists when it comes to repairing buildings affected by water ingress. We have a vast amount of experience spanning across many and varied types of water damage projects helping us provide specific and valuable solutions to your individual problem. Our core focus is on providing long-term water damage solutions which understand the specific implications of the flood/water damage on the fabric of the individual building. The Dampdoctor team work with you at this challenging time, we can offer some or all of the below services based on your specific requirement. Call us today and our team can walk you through the process.

Stage 1 – In-depth Moisture Damage Survey

The first step in the process is to accurately assess the extent of the water damage. Our specialist Water Damage Surveyors must firstly prepare an in-depth Moisture Damage Survey. This survey identifies in detail the full extent of the water damage whilst outlining the cost implications emanating from the extensive damage also. Our comprehensive understanding of all aspects of water damage and damp proofing, allows us to fully examine the area, and identify any associated issues. Once these facts are established we can then formulate a plan of action which will restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Stage 2 – Building Recovery

Once the full extent of the damage has been identified in the Moisture Damage Survey the full repair and reinstatement solution can then be applied to the affected building. All excess water will be removed from site firstly. Following this the affected area needs to be fully dried out. During this process, we continuously monitor and inspect for areas that are at greatest risk from fungal decay or deterioration, to eliminate the potential of any long-term effects. Our team apply their experience and skills in dealing with all damp issues to each and every project, this gives them a greater vision of what’s happening in the water damaged building. Following the implementation of the drying process, Damp Doctor will certify each area within the property that was affected as dry.

Stage 3 – Flood Damage Restoration, Refurbishment Repair Solutions

Once we are satisfied that the drying process is complete we can begin the restoration and repair process. Our team can specify and commence repairs that will prepare your building for greater resilience to future floods. At Dampdoctor we offer a total project management solution restoring your property to what it once was. We employ experienced tradesmen ranging from carpenters, electricians and plumbers to painters, tilers and cabinet makers. Our complete service takes the stress out of the process as you only deal with a Dampdoctor representative and do not need to liaise and coordinate with several different contractors all at the same time.